Wake Up Films

Biljana Tutorov

Afer graduating Art History at the Catholic University in Louvain, Belgium, Biljana Tutorov studied Film Anthropology at Ecole Pratique des Hautes Etudes, Paris, and Ethnographic Film with Jean Rouch. In parallel, she studied Drama at Ecole Internationale de Thêatre Jacque Lecoq in Paris. Biljana is the author of several video installations, short, feature and documentary films, video works and performances. She was first director’s assistant to the famous Serbian flm director Želimir Žilnik. In 2010 she founded an independent film production, Wake Up Films, with an idea to conceptualize and produce creative documentaries, animation and fiction films. Biljana works as the Regional competition programmer for the Free Zone Film Festival in Belgrade. She is a member of the EDN, EWA and EURODOC.

Dunja Subašić

A young graduate in French language and literature with a huge interest in film production. Have gained this interest by volunteering for several film and theatre festivals in the region ("Free Zone Festival", "Film Front", "Desire"...). A junior producer for Wake Up Films film production, involved in all of its projects, which are in different stages of production. Throughout the year of 2016, she attended the 3 modules of the Balkan Discoveries workshop held in Sophia, Prizren and Leipzig, organized by the Balkan Documentary Center as well as two workshops in Belgrade held by DOKSrbija. In March 2017, she attended the first module of the Eurodoc training program in Novi Sad, being a part of the preparation and the organization of this event as well.